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The Australian Lung Foundation, Australian Physiotherapy Association

Acknowledgements and Citations

This document is the product of the dedication by health professionals to best-practice in the delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation for the benefit of patients with lung disease.  The work of a multidisciplinary, national committee who prepared this document is acknowledged with thanks.

This document should be cited as:
Alison J et al, The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit on behalf of The Australian Lung Foundation (2009). All correspondence to enquiries@lungfoundation.com.au

Original Authors/Group Leaders

Assoc Prof Jennifer Alison (Chair) Discipline of Physiotherapy, University of Sydney & Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW

Cecily Barrack, Physiotherapist, Northern Rivers Area Health Service, NSW

Paul Cafarella, Psychologist, Repatriation General Hospital, SA

Professor Peter Frith, Respiratory Physician, Flinders University & Repatriation General Hospital, SA

Christopher Hanna, Physiotherapist, Mid-North Coast Area Health Service, NSW

Dr Catherine Hill, Physiotherapist, Austin Hospital, VIC

Assoc Prof Anne Holland, Physiotherapist, The Alfred Hospital & La Trobe University, VIC

Assoc Prof Sue Jenkins, Physiotherapist, Curtin University & Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA

Jolene Meinhardt, Physiotherapist, Cedar Court Private Physical Rehabilitation Hospital, VIC

Assoc Prof Christine McDonald, Respiratory Physician, Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre, VIC

Dr Zoe McKeough, Physiotherapist, University of Sydney & Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW

Dr Shane Patman, Physiotherapist, Notre Dame University & Fremantle Hospital, WA

Judy Ross, Nurse, Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD

Helen Seale, Physiotherapist, The Prince Charles Hospital, QLD

Christine Shoemaker, Nurse, Eastern Health Services, VIC

Lissa Spencer, Physiotherapist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW

Heather Allan, Director, COPD National Program, The Australian Lung Foundation


Additional Reviewers

Suzanne Banks, Clinical Psychologist, Chronic Disease Management Service, Ipswich Community Health, QLD

Samantha Barrett, Senior Physiotherapist, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA

Helen Beeley, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Co-ordinator, Royal Brisbane Hospital, QLD

Julie Blake, Chronic Disease Rehabilitation Co-ordinator, Launceston General Hospital, TAS

Ianthe Boden, CardioRespiratory Physiotherapy Supervisor, Launceston General Hospital, TAS

Nola Cecins, Senior Pulmonary Rehabilitation Physiotherapist, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA

Joanne Cockram, Community Physiotherapy Services, WA

Karen Herd, Dietitian, The Prince Charles Hospital, QLD

Dr Kylie Hill, Curtin University of Technology, WA

Dr Claire Langdon, Speech Pathologist, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA

Annemarie Lee, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Co-ordinator, Alfred Hospital, NSW

Regina Leung, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Co-ordinator, Concord Hospital, NSW

Renae McNamara, Respiratory Physiotherapist, Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW

Mary Roberts, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Blacktown Hospital, NSW

James Walsh, Physiotherapist, The Prince Charles Hospital, QLD

Nathan Ward, Senior Physiotherapist, Llyell McEwin Hospital, SA

Judy Henry, Project Co-ordinator, The Australian Lung Foundation

Conflicts of Interest Statement

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit Evaluation Committee is responsible for updating the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit.  All above-named members of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit Evaluation Committee are required to lodge declarations of potential conflicts of interest with The Australian Lung Foundation on an annual basis. Such disclosures include the receipt of unrestricted educational grants, sponsorship, consultancy or other affiliations with the pharmaceutical, medical equipment or diagnostic industries.

The committee thanks The Australian Lung Foundation for its financial support in developing and publishing the Toolkit.

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